The Yoga Sequence was developed to help you understand why you’re here, facilitating the development of a behavioral approach that will manifest positivity in your life, and bring true awareness to your everyday existence.

The Yoga Sequence brings you back to what is organic and intuitive, opening you up to your inner self. You’ll start shedding layers that block your ability to trust what comes forth from within and unlock your true potential.

Mission of


The Yoga Sequence welcome’s you to a new and beautiful beginning

We at The Yoga Sequence have found true happiness through our yogic approach and we seek to share this knowledge with anyone interested.

Since yoga has had such a profound effect on us as individuals, we feel compelled to share this knowledge and help free you from any attachment, discord, and negative patterns of behavior.

We are truly dedicated to the free flow and accessibility of information. Our goal is to help you develop a solid foundation for the pursuit of your own yogic journey.

You become your own teacher and we are here to help facilitate and guide this personal development.